An Overview On LimeWire: Is It Beneficial And Safe For Using?

LimeWire is actually closed now. Alternative file-sharing programs can be found here.

LimeWire is an application of file sharing.  Millions of people of the world use LimeWire. It helps in quick (P2P) peer-to-peer sharing files at fee of cost. This P2P client program actually works on the Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and some other operating systems, which are generally supported by the platform of Java software. In order to peer-to-peer sharing file, LimeWire utilizes the protocol of BitTorrent as well as Gnutella network. There is the availability of the version of free software as well as a purchasable improved software version. The Lime Wire software was developed by the subsidiary Lime Group that is generally know as Lime Wire LLC. The support of BitTorrent is offered by the libtorrent.
It becomes a trend throughout the world of downloading music at a free cost using the peer-to-peer sharing software. People can share the files very easily as well as so quickly through LimeWire. And the additional advantage of this is all the sharing is at total free cost. But LimeWire raises a question with its legality. People sometimes find using it dangerous for their computer as your files can easily be theft through this software. Here are some pros and cons on “LimeWire”:
Pros of using LimeWire:


Cons of using LimeWire: